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Alexander Kaplun - Project Manager

Is it just paint or is it corrosion protection? Coatings are clear or pigmented film-forming materials that protect the surface to which they are applied. That is why preparation is key and experience in large lining and coating rehabilitation is paramount. Potable water tanks, petroleum tanks, chemical tanks, waste water tanks are just a sample of the tanks RE&LS has provided experienced personnel for condition evaluation rehabilitation. We provide top tier inspection services in order to preserve, restore and rehabilitate for the protection of long term investments.

Causes for inspections are :
• Corrosion
• Hazardous Coating removal
• Coating reached end of service life
• Premature failure
• Change of service
• Upgrades
• Safety upgrades


Atmospheric Corrosion Inspection & Coating Condition Surveys

 What is Corrosion? Corrosion is the state of natural deterioration in metals caused by oxidation or a chemical reaction with its environment.

The degree of corrosion depends on numerous factors including different surfaces and environments. An atmospheric corrosion inspection and coating condition survey will tell you how corrosion protections are holding up.

Coating Condition Surveys

Coating Condition Surveys are performed by a RE&LS Chief or Senior Inspector.
Inspections can include:

• Reviews the condition of existing coatings

• Determining the severity of corrosion based on surface condition according to
ISO 4628-3 / ASTM D 610 standards.

 • Characterizing rust distribution according to SSPC-VIS 2 Standard Method of Evaluating Degree of Rusting on Painted Steel Surfaces.

• Undertaking adhesion tests.

• Performing Dry Film Thickness (DFT) readings taken in a manner that complies
with SSPC PA-2, Measurement of Dry Coating Thickness with Magnetic Gauges.


RE&LS Key Staff

RE&LS maintains an experienced full-time construction inspection staff with N.I.C.E.T. Level I through N.I.C.E.T. Level IV Certification, for both public and private sector projects. We also hire part-time, experienced Senior Inspectors & Resident Engineers on an as-needed basis to supplement our full-time employees.

Alexander Kaplun, Coatings Inspection Manager - Mr. Kaplun has over 17 years of experience and has served as the Coatings Inspection Manager for numerous bridge projects throughout New York State. His responsibilities included all pre- and post-surface preparation inspections, pre- and post-coating inspections, monitoring surface preparation, monitoring coating application and generating daily reports.