Concrete Scanning

Concrete Scanning

RE&LS offers superior concrete scanning and underground utility locating services to our clients.

Concrete Scanning

Concrete scanning is used to inspect concrete slabs or columns before coring or drilling throughout renovations and new construction projects. Our concrete scans are completed using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology for quick and accurate inspections. GPR is both safe and noninvasive; by utilizing transmitted waves and their reflected signals, we can analyze the subsurface to detect embedded objects. A concrete scan can provide project engineers with vital information on the concrete depth, objects within the concrete, and any possible air pockets that are undetectable from the surface.

We specialize in non-destructive scanning of concrete up to 24″ thick to locate post-tension cables, conduit, rebar, and other embedded metallic and nonmetallic materials – all within a 1/4″ accuracy.

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Subsurface Utility Engineering/Concrete Scanning Department Manager
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Concrete Scanning Applications Include:

  • Conduit location
  • Reinforcement location
  • Post tension cable location
  • Slab thickness
  • Duct bank location
  • Wall and ceiling surveys
  • Detection of sub-surface cavities
  • Location and orientation of buried metallic objects
  • Locate steel reinforcement in concrete elements
  • Determine rebar location and spacing
  • Estimate concrete cover thickness
  • Identify major voids and discontinuities in concrete slabs
  • Inspection of tunnel lining