Machine Control Modeling



Machine Control Modeling Global Positioning Systems (GPS)

Machine Control Modeling is a grade control system that utilizes cutting-edge earthmoving systems that put design surfaces, grades and alignments inside the cab of heavy highway construction equipment. The 3D Models can be used in conventional construction as well.

Automated Machine Control Model: A Cost-Effective Management Tool
From Approved Plans, we can builvd the right
high-quality 3-D model for any piece of AMG
equipment that you're using, catering to all
manufacturers of 3D systems,
• Grade Management
• Volume Calculations
• Road/Surface Design Modifications
• Paving

Using a 3D design verses stringline:
• Minimizes conventional stakeout
• Avoids inaccurate stringline placement
• Significantly reduces material & labor costs
• Saves time...prior to paving & during
• Complete multiple lanes/passes without resetting line
• Ability to work in narrow work corridors

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