Subsurface Utility Engineering


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Mike Bogardus, L.S.- Land Surveying Department Manager
Scott Holmquist- Project Manager
Subsurface Utility Engineering services include:
  • Utility designation and mark out
  • Pre-excavation utility clearing for construction
  • Utility relocation plan support
  • Utility design/specification support
  • Real-time mapping
  • Subsurface anomalies, facilities and utility detection using triple frequency GPR
  • Concrete GPR scanning
  • Visual/Video pipe inspection and recording
  • Utility and substructure conflict identification
  • Quality Level A, non-destructive vacuum excavation


Using ground penetrating radar to map obstructed and concealed utilities.
Using ground penetrating radar to map obstructed and concealed utilities.

Managing risk on your project should always be top priority. Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) is a proven tool to lower risk and increase margins all around before you even break ground.

Why Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE)?

  • Up to 15% faster project delivery
  • Safer work sites
  • Cost savings- as much as 25% on utility designation and location
  • More accurate design and cost estimates (+more savings!)

RE&LS has earned our reputation for reliability, flexibility, and fair pricing as Land Surveying and Subsurface Utility Engineering professionals. Clients repeatedly request our experienced technicians on jobs across New York State- from Plattsburgh to Long Island, Buffalo to Albany- to locate, designate, and protect vital utilities.

Starting your project with Subsurface Utility Engineering in the design stage reduces unexpected utility conflicts, construction delays, contractor claims, utility relocations and redesigns- saving time and money.

SUE is a value-added service, bringing quality and accountability to any project. The US Department of Transportation, the National Transportation Safety Board, the US Department of Energy, Associated General Contractors of America, universities and utility companies endorse the use of Subsurface Utility Engineering.

RE&LS is an authorized Dig Safe NY Private Utility Locating Firm.