Special Inspections

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Special Inspections

RE&LS is an experienced and qualified firm capable of performing Special Inspections as required by Chapter 17 of the Building Code of New York State (BCNYS). Our licensed inspectors work on-site throughout the construction process adhering to strict, complex reporting requirements for your project.

Per NYS compliance, please note: Owners must hire inspection agencies directly – the agency CANNOT be hired by the contractor.

Our professional engineers and certified inspectors are experienced in providing construction quality assurance oversight, special inspection oversight, code compliance review, and environmental regulatory assistance on various assignments across the state.

RE&LS certified inspectors include:

  • ICC Master of Special Inspections
  • ICC Structural Steel and Bolting Special Inspectors
  • ICC Reinforced Concrete Special Inspectors
  • ICC Structural Masonry Special Inspectors
  • ICC Structural Welding Special Inspectors
  • AWS Certified Welding Inspectors

Additional services and personnel include:

  • ASNT SNT-TC-1A Ultrasonic Testing Level I & II
  • SSPCC3/C5 Lead Supervisor – Competent Person
  • ACI Concrete Inspection, Level 1
  • SSPC Coating Applicator Specialist (CAS) Level II


What is Special Inspection?

Special Inspection is the inspection and documentation of certain materials and workmanship that are critical to the integrity of the building structure. It is a review of the work of the contractors and their employees to assure that the approved plans and specifications are being followed, and that relevant codes and reference standards are being observed.

According to BCNYS Section 1702, certain Special Inspections are required of the materials, installation, fabrication, erection and placement of components and connections requiring special expertise to ensure compliance with approved construction documents and referenced standards.

Our Special Inspectors work to provide increased site safety and building integrity. Qualified inspectors are on as needed and will use your approved construction documents to enforce critical safety regulations during material installations. This Special Inspector will provide written reports for every job site visit and deliver reports to all project authorities, including the owner and Responsible Design Professional.

See: Building Code of New York State- Chapter 17 for specific compliance guidance for materials, installation, fabrication, and placement of project components.


Do I need Special Inspections of my project?
Whether it’s new construction or renovation, a single story structure or a 300-unit housing complex, Special Inspections are likely required by NYS to be filed and shared regularly with project administrators. These reports will also be shared with the jurisdiction’s Code Enforcement Officer (CEO). Before work permits are even issued, your Design Professional will first submit your project’s details for inspections. A final report of Special Inspections from these inspectors are then required to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy.

See New York State’s guidelines on providing Special Inspection resources here.


Special Inspection Projects
Inspection Concrete Tank
Inspection Concrete Tank
Inspection Concrete Bridge Steel Water

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