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Ravi Engineering & Land Surveying, P.C. offers Subsurface Utility Engineering, also known as SUE. This process is used to accurately identify, characterise and map underground utilities during the development of a facility design and construction project. When combined with records research and site survey, the required quality level (designation) of Subsurface Utility Information can aid in making decisions on where to place storm drainage systems, footers, foundations and other design features, in order to avoid conflicts with, and disruptions and damage to, existing utilities.

With the recent technologies associated with Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE), underground utilities can be located more easily, safely and inexpensively. These technologies allow engineers, owners and contractors to make informed decision regarding the impact of their project on existing utilities.

RE&LS is listed as a Dig Safe NY Private Utility Locating Firm in Rochester, NY. Please contact us for a quote on your upcoming projects.

Benefits of Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE):

  • Proactively locate underground utilities before design work begins on a project.
  • Eliminate many costly, time consuming project delays by reducing unexpected utility conflicts, construction delays, contractor claims, utility relocations and redesigns.
  • Reduced chances of damaging unknown utilities
  • It can also be used for environmental purposes, such as detecting and mapping underground storage tanks, septic fields and contaminants.
  • Reduction of toxic, hazardous releases into the environment, due to a damaged utility
  • SUE is a value-added service, bringing quality and accountability to any project.
  • The US Department of Transportation, the National Transportation Safety Board, the US Department of Energy, Associated General Contractors of America, universities and utility companies are endorsing the use of SUE.
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