Construction Inspection



Since 1995, Ravi Engineering & Land Surveying, P.C. (RE&LS) has provided capable, qualified personnel for every level of inspection staff required on projects within New York State. Our staff roster includes experienced Resident/Project Engineers, Chief Inspectors and Office Engineers, along with Inspectors and entry-level trainees. The RE&LS construction inspection staff provides a collective resume of extensive inspection experience on bridge components from foundation construction to the finished structural deck, and all other heavy highway structures and pavements.

RE&LS has coordinated and inspected hundreds of structural deck placements including many complicated simultaneous placements with multiple finishing machines. We have provided inspection services establishing the initial haunch elevations for form installation to the final finish and cure on the deck. Our deck in­spections typically involve final camber checks, set-up, dry-run and approval of the finishing machine and providing quality control for the entire placement process. We routinely inspect reinforcing bar installations, providing thorough knowledge of the contract plans and reinforcing schedules.

RE&LS has provided shop drawing reviews, reviewed complex erection and structural lifting plans, providing field inspection of the operations checking for compliance to these plans once approved. We have provided structural bolt up and torque inspection, reviewed and approved structural bearing installations, guide rail installations, paving operations, and inspected dozens of bridge demolition/steel removal operations.

Our staff of over 60 construction inspectors state-wide offer services that include:

• Structures: RE&LS has provided key inspection staff for over 150 New York State bridge contracts, from high profile urban projects such as the Frederick Douglas - Susan B. Anthony Bridge in Rochester, NY to rural short span struc­tures over trout streams.



• Foundation Construction: RE&LS has inspected hundreds of foundation installations from the initial checks on survey control prior to the start of excavation to checks on safe excavation

practices including benching, sheet pile installations and excavation protection systems. We

can also provide subsurface evaluations by our in house geotechnical staff.


• Concrete Construction: RE&LS has experience in all aspects of concrete construction from the inspection of forming operations to the placement inspec­tion of diverse cast in place means and methods including pumping applications, lightweight and concrete placements.



• Structural Steel: RE&LS has experience in all phases of steel construction from in depth evaluations of existing structures by our bridge inspection teams and designers to field inspection of steel repairs.




• Highway Construction: RE&LS has extensive highway construction inspection experience, from total reconstruction projects to milling and resurface operations, M&PT, overhead sign inspection, cold milling, highway reconstruction, STARS, ITS, and erosion control/scour measures.



Coatings Inspection: Our expertise includes a combined 95 years' experience in the coatings inspection field. The RE&LS Team has a long history in the engi­neering construction field and has performed many coating inspection projects for NYSTA, NYSDOT, NYOGS, Water Authorities and Municipalities across the State. Our team can provide any project with experienced coatings inspectors upon whom they can rely for expertise. All of our inspectors are trained and experienced in coatings inspection and have NACE and SSPC training/certifications.


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